Barinaada Alex-Iheanacho

Barinaada Alex-Iheanacho

Startup Legal Expert and Founder, Barinaada Legal.


In January 2019, Barinaada became a viral sensation across Africa after she was recognized by a billionaire giant Dr. Strive Masiyiwa for her contributions towards helping Startups have access to legal services through her brand “Barinaada Legal.”

In July 2019, Barinaada was invited as a speaker at the first convergence of the Afro-Asia Fintech festival organized by the Central Bank of Kenya and the Monetary Authority of Singapore which was held in Nairobi, Kenya and tagged “Fintech in the Savannah.”

In the same July 2019, was carried by THIS DAY newspaper as the legal personality of the week.

Through her Law and Business Community, Barinaada has helped thousands of business owners to understand the legal aspects of their business, maintain regulatory compliance, so as to enable them build a business that is not only legally protected but also profitable as well.

Barinaada Bema Alexander is a brilliant lawyer and an Startup legal consultant, an international speaker and an author. She is the founder of Barinaada Legal; a specialized and 100% Startup focused law firm.

Barinaada is also the founder of the Law and Business Community where she shares her thoughts and educates thousands of startups and business owners on how to build a legally protected and legally compliant business.