Ezinwanne Eta

Ezinwanne Eta

Academician, Innovative Educator & Child Learning Advocate.


Ezinwanne Eta has been a teacher at primary school level, secondary school and also on the faculty of a university. She is also an education consultant as well as a motivational and public speaker with a passion for reaching out and changing lives.

Ezinwanne has a Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. One of her strong passions is ensuring that students learn in and out of the classroom and therefore, actively promotes coaching students for learning.

In 2006, she took on a project to resuscitate a school which was on steep decline. Within one session, she turned the fortunes of the school around and achieved a student growth of 30%. Ezinwanne believes that every child is born with a gift to learn and excel; that teaching must be deliberate and executed with passion, student – teacher engagement and deep reflection.

In addition to being an innovative school leader and teacher, Ezinwanne has excellent communication skills, a knack for organization, and a trained eye for details. She also works as a counsellor, carries out trainings on parenting, book reviews, book editing and organizes mentoring programmes for children, teenagers and young adults. Ezinwanne has graced a number of platforms to give talks on preventing child sexual abuse and other life issues concerning families, children and youth development as well as professional development for teachers. Ezinwanne is a firm believer in knowledge sharing and personal development and therefore goes the extra mile to support peer coaching and mentoring.

Ezinwanne has strong and proven leadership and people management skills. She is presently the Head of Secondary in The Childville Schools where she also heads the Languages Department.