Adedayo “Mr. Macaroni” Debo

Adedayo “Mr. Macaroni” Debo

Comedian, Actor, Activist.


Debo Adedayo, known by his stage name Mr Macaroni, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and activist notable for his funny expression ‘ooin you’re doing well’.

Of recent, he among other Nigerian influencers led the #EndSARS protest to complain to the government about police brutality and the incessant killings of the youth in the country. He is pretty vocal and proactive in issues that are political and has continued to do so well to the admiration of his many fans.

Mr. Macaroni is the founder of Mr. Macaroni Entertainment Ltd. An enrolled organization that spends significant time in Arts and Entertainment. He has been running the company for a few years, yet as of late came into the spotlight after beginning a progression of satire productions. In the majority of his productions (comic skits), he typically assumes the function of a friendly benefactor, searching for a side chick and it is in every case loaded with undertakings. His recordings are cherished in light of their uniqueness and exercises that watchers learn at the endings.

He has grown from a regular Instagram user to an influencer with more than 1 million+ supporters featuring some of the popular names in the entertainment and lifestyle industry.