Agbogu “NaijaBrandChick” Nelly

Agbogu “NaijaBrandChick” Nelly

NaijaBrandChick, Founder Nellies Foods.


She calls herself Lolo One of Instagram, a name duly deserved for her passion and desire to see small businesses grow on Instagram.

Popularly known as Naijabrandchick, Nelly Agbogu is the founder of Nellies Nigeria, a company she launched in a bid to promote healthier diet options while on her weight loss journey.

Given the impact of Instagram on her business, Agbogu started NaijaBrandChick, an Instagram page where she shares marketing nuggets for small business owners, organizes masterclasses, and spearheads effective collaborations with other influencers.

With over 245K Followers on Instagram making Agbogu one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs, speakers, and influencers in Nigeria..