Olabisi Ola-Soetan

Olabisi Ola-Soetan

Relationship and Marriage Coach


Olabisi is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Marriage coach; providing coaching for marriage and relationships. She is the founder of Secret Place Wife, a platform where she provides godly, relatable and useful counsel for wives and wives-to-be; bringing clarity and understanding to the many things that puzzle women and men about marriage.

Based in Lagos Nigeria, with clients both locally and internationally, Olabisi works closely with her clients to create unique interactions that can support their journey and create the beautiful outcome of a happy and healthy relationship they desire.
She is very passionate about children and marriages. She strongly believes that family is the vehicle for restructuring society. She believes fiercely that marriage works when people put in the work and she is committed to teaching and showing couples how.

Olabisi works with individual clients, couples, facilitates group sessions, leads workshops, webinars, online courses and is a sought after conference speaker.